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It is impossible to go back and start a new beginning, but you can start here and now to make the change


Dr. Noga Nabarro (Rubinstein) is Senior Psychologist, Senior MFT Trainer and Supervisor.

She is the Founding President & Professional Director of at SHINUI INSTITUTE.  She also founded “The Advanced International Training Program for Systems Therapy and Supervision in Israel” and developed the “Changed Focused Psychotherapy” ™ approach and training program. 


To read the full text file click or tap on the publication title. Files can be printed and downloaded from website on desktop version

  • Brief-Strategic Psychotherapy with Anxiety and Phobic Disorders, Audiotape #W 332-168. Available from the Ericksonian Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona. (1989)

  • "Change Focused Interventions" with Children, adolescents and adults in Family, Couple and Individual therapies

  • "The Couple’s Seesaw Effect” and the restructuring “Systemic Insight” in Couples Therapy

  • "Frogs into Princess" and "Recipes from the Witch-Pot" - Working Creatively with Children in Family Therapy

  • "What a Special Way To Co-operate!": Overcoming and Utilizing Resistance in Family Therapy

  • "De-Contracting the Contract with Depression":  Individual Systemic reconnections

  • "Creative Thinking and Acting in Family Therapy":  How to Open the Box and Discover the Treasure: Stretching Our Minds and Souls

  • "The wise person avoids getting into situations that the smart person knows how to get out of”: A Meta-Consultation Model (SPMC) in Advanced Family Therapy Training

  • "On becoming a Masterful Therapist': for Advanced Training in Family, Couple and Individual Therapy

Shinui Institute


Israeli Institute for Systemic Studies Family, Personal & Organizational Change

SHINUI Institute was initiated in 1985 by Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro, Ph.D. It was co-founded with her ex-associates: Haviva Eyal, Ph.D., and Sara Ivanir, Ph.D. Today Dr. Nabarro serves as the President and Professional Director.

The name SHINUI, meaning
change in Hebrew, was chosen to connote our orientation towards transformation and evolution. The SHINUI Institute was born out of a commitment to enhance and develop innovative models and techniques of systems therapy while providing quality family therapy services and training throughout Israel and abroad. Our highly trained clinical, teaching, and consulting staff and our international guest faculty contribute to our mission, rendering it a challenging and exciting experience.

SHINUI is a leading private systems and family therapy training, clinical and consulting institute in Israel. SHINUI maintains extensive connections and collaborative services with governmental and other public agencies, universities, medical services, and court systems. Over 4000 professionals have participated in the various training programs and workshops. Many of its alums have achieved senior status as therapists and teachers in Israel.


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