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Israeli Institute for Systemic Studies Family, Personal & Organizational Change

SHINUI Institute was initiated in 1985 by Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro, Ph.D. It was co-founded with her ex-associates: Haviva Eyal, Ph.D., and Sara Ivanir, Ph.D. Today Dr. Nabarro serves as the President and Professional Director.

The name SHINUI, meaning
change in Hebrew, was chosen to connote our orientation towards transformation and evolution. The SHINUI Institute was born out of a commitment to enhance and develop innovative models and techniques of systems therapy while providing quality family therapy services and training throughout Israel and abroad. Our highly trained clinical, teaching, and consulting staff and our international guest faculty contribute to our mission, rendering it a challenging and exciting experience.

SHINUI is a leading private systems and family therapy training, clinical and consulting institute in Israel. SHINUI maintains extensive connections and collaborative services with governmental and other public agencies, universities, medical services, and court systems. Over 4000 professionals have participated in the various training programs and workshops. Many of its alums have achieved senior status as therapists and teachers in Israel.

During 30 years of activity, SHINUI has become a leading family therapy institute and has gained national and international reputation.  SHINUI maintains extensive connections and collaborative services with governmental and public agencies, universities and the educational system, medical services and the court system. It also acquired extensive international connections.

Over 4000 professionals have participated in the Institute's various training programs, many of whom achieving senior status as therapists and teachers in Israel. More than 15,000 families, couples and individuals have been helped at SHINUI through the years.

SHINUI is committed to spread Family Therapy and Systemic Thinking

with uncompromising professionalism, innovation and creativity

To us, the Systemic Approach represents the thinking of the 21st -Century.

During the last three decades several therapeutic models have developed at SHINUI. The "Change-Focused Psychotherapy"™* developed by Dr. Noga Nabarro, is a meta-level approach to therapy,  based on the integration of major Systemic and Ericksonian Approaches as well as on humanistic and holistic thinking, integrating body-mind and mindfulness practices. This approach has been taught by her in many countries. Shinui is also known for its creative ways of working and training of therapists.

Our multidisciplinary team is highly regarded in Israel and in the international community. Alongside them is a team of special professional consultants and an International Faculty who are hosted by the Institute.

Part of SHINUI's mission is reaching out to the community-at-large in the form of lectures to the general public, information pamphlets on relevant topics, mass media, and special low or non-fee services for the under-privileged. SHINUI founded the "Love Project" for families of AIDS (HIV) victims. Our staff volunteers help for victims of hostilities, consulting to emergency teams.

SHINUI is co-initiators and co-founder of the Association for Focused Psychotherapy in Israel, and is also active in the Israeli Association for Family and Couples Therapy. It is member of EFTA and IFTA.

* All rights to the name "Change-Focused Psychotherapy"™ are reserved to Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro, Ph.D. and to Shinui Institute.


Clinical services: Family, Couple and Individual Therapy and Diagnostics of all kinds.

Other Services: (1) Consulting to Family Businesses (2) Management Consultation (3) Family Coaching (4) Enrichment programs for work teams and community.


School of Systemic Psychotherapy:

  • 3-year Family & Couples Therapy programs: in preparation for accreditation/training or advanced programs (Masters degree and above)

  • 2-year "Change Focused Therapy"™* for advanced professionals

  • Short courses and workshops for continuing Advanced Studies in systemic psychotherapy

  • Family Coaching and Group Leadership training

  • Brief family intervention for related professional and paraprofessional

  • "Imago" training.

  • The International Program for Family Therapy and Supervision: lead by international faculty

  • The International Practicum: Summer Institute in Israel lead by with Dr. Noga Nabarro (ask us about it).


  • "Family Leadership by Values"™- Accreditation course in a model developed at SHINUI for Family Coaches and Family Therapists

  • Advanced workshops for educators, physicians, lawyers, judges and more


The international co-operations of SHINUI greatly contribute to the advancement of systemic therapy in Israel. Throughout the years, SHINUI has hosted Masters in the field and has founded the unique "International Program for Advanced Family and Couple Therapy & Supervision" with an all International Faculty. The institute has been active in IFTA and EFTA and Dr. Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro has been teaching its approach to therapy world-wide.

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