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Senior Psychologist, Senior MFT Trainer and Supervisor.


Dr. Noga Nabarro (Rubinstein) is Senior Psychologist, Senior MFT Trainer and Supervisor.

She is the Founding President & Professional Director of at SHINUI INSTITUTE.  She also founded “The Advanced International Training Program for Systems Therapy and Supervision in Israel” and developed the “Changed Focused Psychotherapy”™ approach and training program. 


Noga is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of Contemporary Family Therapy; past member of the Journal of Family Therapy and a member of the Romanian Journal of Systemic Therapy - Terapia Sistemica (Dianoia).

Past Board Member of IFTA. She served a member of the International Committee of the Academia for Family Therapy, Rome (Andolfi).

Dr. Noga Nabarro is a frequent invited presenter at national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. She has taught and trained internationally in many countries. Published in international journals and books.

Academic Degrees: B.A. in Psychology & Communication from U. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.; M.Sc in Clinical Psych. from Caifornia State U. San Jose, Cal., and a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology (1977) from CSPP Berkeley, California.  Pre- and Post-Doctoral training and studies at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto Cal. With Paul Watzlawick, Carlos Sluzki and John Weakland and in Stanford U. Hospital with Prof. Ervine Yalom. Her major and long term trainers and Mentors of Family Therapy were Carl Whitaker, Salvador Minuchin and Maurizio Andolfi.


She is currently involved in writing and teaching about her “Change- Focused Therapy ©™” approach. This is a meta-level approach to systems oriented therapy is a unique integration of 35 years of experience with variety of Systems and family therapies with new conceptualizations and techniques regarding change-processes in therapy. 


Dr. Nabarro (Rubinstein) advanced the unique interventional concept of Systemic Insight in Couple and Family Therapy. Her Model Systemic Preventive Meta-Consultation (SPMC), has acquired much respect.

She also developed models of working with Depression and Anxiety. Her work is known for combining design, spontaneity and creativity.

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